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Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to create your own web browser using visual studio C#

1. As usually first you have to create a windows form application
2. Then change your form name and change "IsMdiContainer" property to "True"

3. Then drag and drop a web browser and a tool Strip from the web browser.

4. Then Add buttons and labels and text boxes to your tool strip.
   you can use any amount of buttons to go to your preferable sites by pressing one button.
  you  can set images and sizes to your buttons.
5.After that you have to write codings for every butoon click event (double click on the button).
  Add below codings for that events.

Next button 

Previous button

Go button
webBrowser1.Navigate(new Uri("http://"+toolStripTextBox1.Text));

Facebook shortcut button
webBrowser1.Navigate(new Uri(""));

Gmail shortcut button
webBrowser1.Navigate(new Uri(""));

  After all these, coding will be view like below. 
6. You can run and check your own web browser.


  1. I have a question,
    How do I make any searches appear on the browser not in a different browser?

    Also, how do I add Bookmarks, History and File things at the top and having Tabs?.?

    Also, one last thing, How do I run it outside the tester?

    1. You have to make a tab architecture for the purpose. Then you can easily add tabs and remove them.

      In bookmarks scenario you can have a XML file with bookmarked links.

      You can implement the program and make a setup and deploy it. Then you can use that as a separate application