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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shell Scripting - Tutorials

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01. This example coding gives you a clear idea about how to write a switch statements and how to get user inputs in shell script. 

Write a menu driven shell script to perform the following tasks
        [1] Show Today's date/time
        [2] Show file in current directory
        [3] Show calender
        [4] Start editor to write letters
        [5] Exit/Stop
02.This example coding is helpful to you to understand how to use advance for-loops

Write a shell script to display the even numbers 2,4,6,......100
04. Suppose you have a text file named dirList containing a list of directories. Write a shell script that goes to each of them, execute the command make and comes back to the working directory
05. How to perform real number calculation? How to calculate 5.12 + 2.5 real number calculation at $ prompt in shell?
                echo 5.12 + 2.5 | bc

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