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Saturday, March 5, 2011

New software "Media Center" to watch TV, Listen Radio and read News

Web is too  decentralized place. If we want to watch TV or listen Radio and read news, we have to go through search engines to find out them. I think about a software to centralize all of them. That is the Media Center (beta version)software

You can watch TV, listen Radio, Watch e-papers and go to the other news  sites very easily by only pressing a one button.

Click Here to Download.
when this software run sometimes system will ask you permission for connect to the internet. Then you have to Allow it. Otherwise it will not working properly. Some channels did not provide that services at sometimes. If those are not working you have to try that channel after few minutes.
There can be errors. Because this is a beta version. Please inform us about if there are any errors.Your comments are very useful to improve this software. 

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